100 years young

31 Jul 2017 10:04 AM
100 years young

DPT blog's 100th post is here! The blog was designed to provide a regular information source plus have some fun along the way. Learn more.

DPT saw an opportunity for a unique blog written by an AiN just for AIN’s. There are plenty of blogs for RN’s but none we could find that wrote about issues only for AIN’s. So we started one ourselves!


Here is a snapshot


~  TV v Fantasy of nursing 


~  5 funny gifs smileysmiley


Traits of a good AIN

~ If care workers were animals 


~ How to be an awesome ray of sunshine



Placement survival tips  

~ 5 types of buddies


~ Wise words from an AIN of 13 years



Student Photos    

~ DPT students having fun in practical sessions


~ Selfie time



Look over our DPT facebook page too - it's also a record and great information source of Aged care associated organisations from all over Australia. We hope to continue the blog for many days to come. There is a never ending supply of topics so congratulations to DPT on reaching 100!

Best wishes Jen