2018 is all about YOU - Self care in nursing

7 Jan 2018 4:03 PMJen Fitzgerald
2018 is all about YOU - Self care in nursing

In this DPT blog, we show you how to look after yourself as an aged care nurse using three simple tips. Talking yourself up, eating well and doing yoga at home.


Make 2018 the year for looking after yourself in your working life. You know it’s a physically challenging job but it is mentally and emotionally challenging too. And for many of you, the working day continues when you get home to children, housework, grumpy partners, friends in need… the list goes on.

Three tips for self-care to start the new year

Talk yourself up

Giving, giving, giving all shift long is exhausting but who appreciates you? It may often feel like nobody at all. So D.I Y! Tell yourself you are are doing a great job with phrases like ”I did great just then” or “Wow I am getting better at handling difficult behaviours”. Or just keep repeating “ I am good at this”.

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Eat and be merry

Eat well and stress less is a past blog on eating right while on the go. Minimal sugar and healthy snacks are the way to avoid a crash and burn at work. Read the blog here >> 

Keep calm

Keeping calm right from the start of your shift will minimise your energy use so you can get through the last few hours with ease.

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Yoga for nurses

A great way to chill out is the Yoga with Adrienne youtube channel. She presents 30 minute easy to follow sessions on many topics including this one called Yoga for Nurses. Put on some chill music, put the youtube on the big screen or on your laptop on the floor and follow the subtitles.You'll be feeling blissful in no time.

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