5 deadly sins of first time 'nurse' job hunting

12 Sep 2015 9:41 AMDPT DPT

Getting your first job in Aged Care, Home care or Disability can be daunting but here is the low down

Don't give up

You've done the hard yards in class, finished all your assessments, completed your placement and are now free to get that dream job. Yippee! However, you applied for a position at your placement Aged Care facility (ACF) , just like your trainer said you should, but missed out.

We will look at reasons for that and then give 5 ways to get into the nursing industry.

1. There wasn't enough or any positions available - simple. But still follow up in the months ahead especially if you liked the place - a position may come up.

2. Your gender counted against you. Some ACF's have only a few male residents and many female residents only like personal care from females. So you may miss out if you're a male student.

3. You may have held back a bit too much and not jumped in due to nerves or fear of doing something wrong. Examine any feedback you got and reflect on your placement time to see where you could improve.

4. You didn't get along with your buddies. Some you will like others you won't. Human nature. Reflect again and see how you could improve on this. In nursing it's important to get along with everybody.

So how do you get that first job in nursing

1. Get your placement DON or supervisor as your referee. If possible get your trainer as a referee too

2. Don't give up. Don't drop the ball. Apply online everywhere you can

3. Take your resume into ACF's and personally hand it in

4. Get the DON's or HR person's name and ring them a week later after you apply

5. Keep in touch with fellow students and keep up this network - you may score a job through them in the future

Keep an open mind about your career. There are many different employment options with your Cert 3.

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