5 hacks to nursing burnout

9 May 2016 8:34 AMDPT DPT
5 hacks to nursing burnout

You know by now that nursing can be exhausting and demanding. Duh tell me something I don't know. We hear you so here are 5 burnout hacks to help you through.

You went into nursing for all the right reasons but you may find yourself flagging in enthuiasm after 6 - 12 months.


  • It's a demanding career no doubt. You are expected to multi task like a demon.
  • You are on your feet 7 hours non- stop - that can be tiring on the body and over time can catch up on you.
  • Compassion fatigue - giving, giving, giving all day long. In your nursing early days it can be emotional too until you learn to grow a thicker skin
  • Feeling guilty you haven't done enough particularily when a resident is heading towards the end life stage.

Signs you are in burnout

  • You dread going to work
  • An increase in sickness or niggling injuries that won't go away
  • Caring less and cutting corners
  • Calling in sick when you're not


What to do

  • Talk with your favourite buddy or team leader. Just chatting can help
  • Take or plan a holiday. Even a few days off can help you refresh
  • Schedule more 'me' time. Time to beach walk, yoga or whatever slows you down and helps you relax
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. Pat yourself on the back after every shift for getting through and doing the best job possible

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