5 hacks to your nurse buddy- the good, the ugly and the Angels

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5 hacks to your nurse buddy- the good, the ugly and the Angels

There are all sorts of buddies in the workplace. Learn from them all

There are many different types of buddy nurses you will work with. As a newbie or student nurse there is a pecking order and unfortunately you are at the bottom. But if you recognise the different nursing traits in your buddies your working life will be easier.


From bad to best


The power trippers

Usually roam in groups of two and love to think they own the place. Will complain behind peoples back, will complain in front of ressies. Like to lord over students.

Tip 1– don’t stand for it - stand up to them. From your first shift tell them you are here to learn and their behaviour is not helpful or appropriate.

Tip 2 - they love being asked questions - it boosts their ego’s.

However, if their egos get in the way of your learning during placement and you are jittery around them then see your trainer.


Narky nurses

Those that are always cranky and have no patience with students, ressies or anyone.  A few reasons could be; – its their 5th shift in a row, they have been in the game too long or they were born that way. Lol.

Tip- have compassion for their tiredness or mood and ‘kill em’ with kindness.


Buddies that disappear

Some buddies just don’t want a student hanging around so they disapear whenever possible.  Not very friendly.

Tip 1 -be persistent and explain to them that you are here to learn from them and stick to them like glue.

Tip 2 - if you are wandering around and around trying to find your buddy, ask a cleaner or kitchen staff who may be in your area. They are in and out of rooms constantly.

The Protectors

Nurses that remember what it was like to be a student and have been through shifts with many of the above. They will empathise with you and be very helpful.

Tip - learn from their Intel and insights

The Angels

These nurses are just natural at their job and spread sunshine wherever they go. They don’t gossip, are helpful to everybody, and will teach you loads with patient explanations and by example.

Tip - model them, soak up everything, their tips, behaviour, body language etc. etc. etc.

Most buddies are protectors or angels and most do want to help you to learn. Learn from them all.


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