5 mammoth Xmas gifts for the oldies

20 Dec 2015 8:58 AMDPT DPT
5 mammoth Xmas gifts for the oldies

Buying Xmas gifts for the oldies is a tough gig. Here are some excellent ideas.

It’s time to get wrapping or hit the laptop for some excellent Xmas gifts for your grandparents, older loved ones and/or people living with Dementia (PLWD)

Gift of Entertainment 

Music - CD compilations from the 1940's and 50's. The Crooners, Elvis, Nat King Cole, songs from the Wartime of the 1940's. Broadway musicals too like Oklahoma, Singin in the Rain and the King and I. 

Movies from the same era- the big time Musicals. Think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers or Gene Kelly.

Gift of Independence

AIDA Care centre have a 357 page catalogue of Adaptive aids for the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom. Also dressing, reaching and Mobility aids. Many could be Christmas presents. The gift of independence is very special and could mean your elderly loved can stay at home for longer in comfort.

Gifts for the world

Give a donation gift of a goat or water purifier to an African village through Oxfam or donate to a local green organisation e.g. Dune Care.

Gifts for the mind 

Memory games, Adult colouring in books, puzzles in a box or as an app and board games are some examples of mind stimulating gifts.

The gift of touch

Her favourite perfume or his fav after shave or a Toiletry pack with massage oil. You can give your loved one a palm massage at end of day or when they are getting anxious. The gift of touch is very powerful.

The gift of Communication

There are many communication aids. A picture phone with headshots of loved ones on the phone.

A Day clock developed by the Bath University (UK) that helps to keep PLWD to a routine.

A gift of support 

A gift to support the many organisations that support the elderly. You can make a gift in your will or a donation to  Alzheimer’s Australia or the Stroke Foundation or the Heart Research Institute as examples.


From the team at DP Training. Thank you all for a wonderful year. Here’s to 2016 being an even bigger year.