6 things the world should know about Home Care workers

7 Oct 2015 6:48 PMDPT DPT

Home care workers provide support for those who need help in taking care of their loved ones. Here are six things the world should know about them. Learn more.

1. We are trained in infection control, manual handling, communication and how to support people that need extra help. We also have yearly mandatory training and regular workshops from our employers. It’s continuous education.

2. We do more than just clean and/or personal care for our clients. Because we are in their homes, our clients consider our services as a spoil or a pamper and are very thankful when we arrive.

3. There are many hours on the road, down time in between clients (unpaid in some cases) and client cancellations means our day (and pay) gets cut short.

4. We are not a glorified maid. In the home we can be like extended family and get to know our clients very well. They appreciate this and we are treated with respect.

5. It is a very physical job and we can be exhausted physically and mentally at the end of the day. We assist not just the elderly but the disabled too some of whom are young and strong.

6. Many skills are used to perform our job. A typical client list may include an agitated dementia patient, an autistic boy who doesn’t know us so refuses care, a cancer survivor who is just home from chemo treatment. Not many people could handle all that in 4 hours - but that’s what we do.

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