8 secrets of being a student - what you wish your trainer knew

5 May 2017 8:31 PM
8 secrets of being a student - what you wish your trainer knew

Recently, I took a two-day course to upgrade my skills and it was very interesting to be in the student seat - not in front of the class


My Observations of being a student....

  • It’s a long long day sitting on your butt
  • You clock watch waiting for the next break
  • You are exhausted at end of day from doing not much
  • Assessment is tedious – we had 80 questions to fill in one day. This is not the usual case, to do it all in class, but still to find the time and motivation at home would be hard too
  • The experience of the trainer is so important. Good practical examples kept me awake and interested
  • A small size class meant there was not much chitty chat so we could get out on time and get through the questions without too many interruptions – a time saver
  • The trainer was aware of students getting restless so was encouraging and setting time goals –like after the next 2 questions we will have a break. Important for students to know the schedule
  • The practical at end of day was good but it was a bit too complex for the time of day and was rushed through. IMO. Pracs are good for skills development but should be tailored.

Overall I enjoyed the class, I took lots of notes and it was informative plus a small class size was great too.