6 valuable things the world should know about Aged Care Nurses

6 Oct 2015 9:10 AMDPT DPT

The world should know what it takes to be an AIN. Here is the low down

1. AIN’s are real nurses too. We are a valuable part of every residents health care team.

2. When we tell you we work as an aged care nurse we don’t want to hear your nursing home horror story. Seriously when you meet a mechanic do you ask them about your car’s horror story?

3. Male AIN’s are undervalued and stereotyped. They are real nurses just like anyone else in the health profession.

4. Our job is not icky and smelly. We do not just look after personal care for the elderly. We are a big part of their life and support in many lovely and caring ways.

5. We take the load when society lets the elderly down. In Aged Care facilities our residents feel lonely, bored and abandoned. AIN’s provide a smiling face all day long.

6. We don’t sit around and drink cups of tea all day with little old ladies. We wish! We time manage a very busy load of residents and spend as much quality time with everybody as possible.

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