A guy view - student placement Q & A

23 Oct 2016 7:20 PMDPT DPT
A guy view -  student placement Q & A

Male aged care nurses make up only 10% of the workforce so it's great to get Mark's perspective.

A male perspective from 'Mark' on his placement time.

What was it like being a male aged care student on placement?

It was confronting at first performing personal care for female residents. I knew it was so important to build respect. I always asked permission at every step and this made it easier to do these duties. Some women refused to have a male carer and that is their choice.

What did you enjoy about placement?

Getting to know the residents and building trust and a relationship. They would see me come in and smile cause they knew I would always have a chat with them. That  was relaxing for me as a new nurse. They often asked me questions about myself too so they were interested in me too as I was in them.

How did you handle the first 2 weeks?

It took about 2 weeks to get into a routine. At first, I was taking 20 minutes for a shower but then I got faster and found I could work and interact with the residents at the same time.

What did you learn off your buddies?

One great tip from a buddy was changing pads when the resident is in a full hoist. You do this on an angle so you are not looking directly at the private parts.

Also changing pads from the residents back not front on. This ensures dignity.

I worked with a great buddy who always showered even if it was a sponge day. He made the extra effort so the resident would be well cared for.

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