A Pro Insider's guide to Social Media for nurses

15 Aug 2016 10:42 AMDPT DPT
A Pro Insider's guide to Social Media for nurses

If Social Media is a big part your life - be warned- it can easily spill over into your workplace with consequences.

Tips for keeping a handle on your Social media (SM) in the nursing workplace.


  • Be very careful about what you post, tweet etc. Even though you’ve got high privacy, it doesn’t mean your friends won’t actually talk (I know crazy lol) and share verbally the details of your life.
  • Put all your social media (SM) on the highest privacy settings.
  • When accepting or finding new friends on Facebook you have to change your privacy settings to ‘everyone can be friends’ but remember to change it back to ‘friends’.
  • Don’t accept friends outside your immediate circle as you don’t know who they are physically showing your SM to.


Using SM

  • If you have nursing SM friends, consider that one day they may be your team leader or supervisor.
  • Be careful about any photos you post.
  • As a nurse, you are in the public eye and relatives of your residents or clients may check up on your SM.
  • Don’t ever, ever, ever post any information, comments or photos about your shifts, workplace or anything work related on SM.
  • Don’t think that you can delete a post, tweet or photo. Someone may have taken a screen shot before you managed to delete.


SM in the workplace

  • All workplaces now have a SM agreement that you would’ve signed at the start of your employment or placement. If you violate this agreement you  may be sacked.
  • Don’t add residents or residents friends or family to your SM network. networking circles under any circumstance
  • Don’t check on your resident's friends or family on their SM sites. Just because you can doesn’t make it right.
  • Many workplaces don’t allow you to add your workplace name to your profile. You should respect this and it may be part of your SM agreement.
  • Be careful of comments you make on others’ posts or tweets. Ensure they are never work related. Your privacy settings may not extend to the comment section on other peoples’ SM.


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