Aged Care Career Tips for Under 25’s

9 Mar 2016 8:55 AMDPT DPT
Aged Care Career Tips for Under 25’s

Younger workers are becoming quite a force in Aged Care as the demand for workers increases

Younger workers are valued in the Aged Care workforce (ACW) because of their fresh approach.  Although the average age of the Aged Care workforce is 45 years and predominantly female, U/25’s males are required for their strength and enthusiasm. Another benefit is a preference by some male residents for personal care by male workers only. Younger females are also in demand for their youthfulness and energy.


However, there are negatives to being young in the ACW because of a lack of work and life experience. This may show up in types of work related behaviour aka ‘bravado’ only shown by the young.


Here are 3 types of bravado statements typical of a younger worker and reality checks they should take heed of.


Bravado#1 'I’m young I can handle anything’

This is a natural part of being young and is mostly true but can work the other way if confronted by a serious problem. Examples might be Palliative Care. where a resident says  “I just want to die” or  “Can you  help me to die?”.

Tip -  just listen ask them why? Do not make glib remarks like  "you’ve got lot’s of life left."


Bravado#2 “I’m young and strong I won’t hurt myself”


True that younger muscles may be more flexible and may heal faster but the rate of injuries is the same in nursing no matter what your age. A serious injuries claim report from Safework Australia shows Residential Care claims are as high as Gardeners and Mining Operations.

Tip - Be safe always. Use correct manual handling techniques and ask lots of questions when new.


Bravado#3 – "How harmful can an 80 year old be?"


One word- very. Residents can have multiple medical conditions that can impair behaviour and make them hit out at workers and/or hold on very tight to your arms and fingers. Also conditions like Parkinsons, Stroke or Arthritis can make transferring difficult. Dementia presents sometimes have unpredictable behaviour that can be confronting to younger people.

Tip – Be very, very patient every moment of your shift. Slow down your pace to match theirs.


See 21 year old Ashley’s video about his work experience here>>


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