New Nursing blog for AIN students

20 Oct 2014 7:32 PMLicensee Person

Welcome to DPT’s new nursing blog . We are building a community of student AIN’s to help you in your career

Welcome aboard the maiden voyage of DPT’s voyage into cyberspace via a weekly blog, Facebook and Google plus pages. If you’re a current student you’ve made an awesome (some might say brave) choice to work in the Health Care industry. DPT’s social media will be a great referral place for you – a place to hang out with other students and share.  If you are still thinking about a career in nursing then this blog and the new DPT Facebook page and Google plus page will give you lots of information to help make your decision… yes or no.

Each week there will be different topics regarding studying tips, the aged care and health care industry and a focus on a disease weeks e.g. Arthritis Day including mental health issues. Also what will be expected of you on placement and when you get into the workplace.

There will be loads fun stuff too as Nursing is one of those professions that requires a lot of humour to survive and thrive. Humour is a great stress release as well. The workplace and the classroom should not be all work and no play. We will be linking to lots of fun nursing sites like this Scubs post and links to articles relevant to you as nursing students.

The weekly blog topic will be linked to the new DPT Facebook page (coming soon) and Google plus page. 3-4 posts a week will run and will expand on the blog topic. This will be managed and written by Gold Coast DPT trainer, Jen Fitzgerald , who has 6 years experience in social media and blogging including the Carestaff (a Gold Coast based nursing agency) Facebook page in 2013. She is also an AIN of 7 years (Cert 3 in Aged Care in 2008) and was a student in the Cert 3 in Health Services Assistant just last year , so she has recent and fond memories of assignments and deadlines lol.


Any contributions, photos and ideas and comments are very welcome. Please email