AIN careers – where to after I've completed my certificate?

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This blog explains the pros and cons of becoming a Disability Support Worker and an EEN or RN.

AIN Careers – where to after I've completed my certificate?

Disability Worker, EEN or RN?

The last blog highlighted three careers you can follow after your course is completed. This blog explains the pros and cons of becoming a Disability Support Worker and an EEN or RN.


AIN to EEN or RN

Another pathway is to continue study to become an Enrolled Endorsed Nurse (EEN) or Registered Nurse (RN). An EEN requires a Diploma in Nursing and you may get some credits from your Cert 3 course. Registered Nurse’s study a degree at University.

EEN’s have limited career paths apart from hospitals and Aged Care, as many specialty departments require RN’s. An EEN has higher responsibilities than an AIN as they can administer medications, provide wound care and check IV therapy treatment.

RN’s have a much larger range of skills again and are paid more. There is a lot more work for EEN’s and RN’s (apart from Aged Care) and they have a larger variety than AIN work.  An EEN course can cost over $10000 and a degree will be $20000 plus which can be paid off. Nursing can take you all over the world and there are many specialties see here>>


Disability Support Worker

With the National Disability Scheme being rolled out (the majority of Australia will have access from July 2016) there will be more demand for qualified Disability Support Workers (DSW). You may work one on one in the service users’ (SU) home or work in a service user centre (SUC) or group home of 2-4 clients.

Being a DSW is similar to the Community nursing pros and cons in travel and working on your own. Other Pros – Working closely with CSU’s to make a difference in their lives. Cons – CSU’s can be hard to communicate with when you are new and there can be lots of challenging behaviors. Working in a SUC home - space and equipment may be minimal.

See this video about being a DSW Here>>>


Try before you buy

Trialing nursing first via an AIN certificate is ideal for some as the EEN and RN cost is large. There is still plenty of personal care in EEN and RN Hospital nursing so if you can handle the body fluid and personal care aspect then nursing may be just the career for you.


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