Are you really ready for aged care placement?

29 May 2018 4:57 PM
Are you really ready for aged care placement?

Many students think they are ready for placement, but when they get there - reality bites. Here are 5 real-life students stories.

Visiting students in their second week of placement has been an eye-opener on how differently students handle the pressure, time constraints and the constant change that is the aged care workplace.

Here are 5 students’ week 2 workplace stories

Student 1 - was beaming when I saw him. Soaking it all in, listening intently, taking instruction, checking every detail. Asking lots of questions. He has jumped in straight away and by week 2 was assisting with 4 -5 showers per shift.


Student 2 - had only done two showers by week 2. Ran late for some shifts, told her employer at the last minute she can only take AM shifts and was not happy with her buddies. She lacked confidence.


Student 3 – was described by her buddy as a “gift”. She looked so comfortable, handling the job like she has been doing it for years and is surprising even herself.

Student 4 – she practised poor manual handling skills, poor infection control and was flustered and blamed her buddies.

Student 5 - from a blog 2 weeks ago, had a meltdown on day 1 and walked out. He was given a 2nd chance at another facility. Failed to show up and has been suspended – end of story.


How different are all these placement stories?


From a trainers’ perspective, it is interesting to look at the student you know in class, who mostly, but not always, matches the student in placement.


The results?

Student 1 is no surprise as he has a very caring nature and cultural background. Although he didn’t pay too much attention in class

Student 2 is no surprise as she ran late or was a no-show throughout the course

Student 3’s story is no surprise as she was very calm and collected in class.

Student 4 is a fair surprise as she has a lovely nature too, but did not pay attention during the practical sessions

Student 5 is the big surprise – an older male, (who are very employable in aged care), but his temper and lack of patience got in the way of placement. In class though he was excellent, calmish and seemed an ideal aged care candidate once he got some experience.


Which student do you want to be?

A LOUD “student 1 and 2” I hope you say.