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Aged care is one of the critical areas of the workforce in which labour shortages can be expected. Learn more.

Aged Care workers - Needed in australia!

With a sustained, thriving economy, Australia is currently facing an acute skills shortage affecting selected occupational groups, industry sectors and regions. Despite government announcements and programs attempting to up skill and re skill the Australian workforce, we are unlikely to fully alleviate the problem in the short term.

Population ageing and low fertility rates are placing the Australian workforce in the twenty-first century under pressure. Aged care is one of the key areas of the workforce in which labour shortages can be expected.

Not only do we need to increase worker numbers to cater for current shortages, a growing population and the impact of the baby boomers, we also need to replace retiring workers.Forty-six percent of health care workers are over the age of 45, which is 9% above the all industry average age.

These shortages cut across all the health professions, and in the aged care sector, nurses and personal carers are in most obvious demand due to sheer numbers, but physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and other allied health professionals are also in short supply. Rural and remote areas are often the worst hit because most Australians prefer to live in the major population centres.

For those who have previous considered working within theses industries, Now is the time to consider a career in the community services or health care, Australia will need you!!!