Five Cool Things About AIN Course Placement

7 Apr 2015 8:27 AMDPT DPT

It's time to show some initiative in your AIN placement. 5 how -to tips

It’s finally time- time to put all that theory to work. The hours you’ve slogged through assessments are now going to be put into practice!

1.Ask many many questions especially if you are in doubt about any task. Another tip is finding the newest AIN in the facility and the seasoned AIN and ask about their experiences.

2. Be prepared. Take an AIN survival kit every shift - see article link at end of this blog for survival tips. Be on time, be polite and be a sponge for information and tips.

3. Show initiative. Jump right in and volunteer to help. Don’t hang back. DP Training students that are confident are more likely to get jobs via their placement.

4. Deal with problems immediately, take action and be decisive. In your first week it all may seem daunting but by the 4th -5th shift you will be left on your own more and more so you will be expected to work independently.

5. Take notes of when you are praised for initiative as it is a common interview question and you have to give an example. If you are not praised take a note anyhow so you can pat yourself on the back plus have some evidence for future use.

Good luck

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