CDC to change the face of culture in Aged Care

2 Aug 2016 1:45 PMDPT DPT

The new CDC model for Aged Care is looming. What affect will it have on cultural services and care in the workplace?

From SBS news website 29th July

“From next year, Commonwealth aged care funding will go straight to patients, rather than aged care providers.

As organisations fail to adapt to the new consumer-directed care (CDC) model, it's predicted 85% of aged care, disability and mental health care will be privatised over the next five years.”


This article brings up many concerns for aged care nurses.

The industry may change dramatically under the new CDC model.  Students have been learning about this new approach for 1.5 years now but the reality is soon to hit.


Many small new providers will appear providing specialist services. How will this affect cultural-specific Aged Care facilities (ACF’s)?


The article goes onto to quote from an Industry body view.

“Chief Executive of the Aged Care Guild, Cameron O’Rielly said the industry's consumer driven model would see it evolve on a "needs" basis which will reflect cultural needs.

“The reality is the direction of policy is in giving consumers more choice and funding is being directed toward the consumer which means the consumer will determine the make-up of the industry in the future,” Mr O’Rielly said.”


Aged Care nurses may face an increase in multiculturalism in the workplace.

Many families from cultures that would traditionally not place elders in the aged care system, like Italians and Asian cultures, face some challenges. Changes include fewer siblings to look after ageing parents and long distances between families due to work pressures.

This could see more variety of cultures in ACF’s and extra cultural services will be required including bi-lingual staff.

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