Don't be a machine

23 Apr 2017 10:57 AM
Don't be a machine

One student's observations of placement went beyond the obvious and really got to the heart of the experience


A recent conversation with a student who had just finished placement

brought up some interesting points.

~ Most students just follow what their buddy is doing despite what they are taught in the classroom. This may mean cutting corners and not doing the best job possible. Don’t be a sheep - ask lots of questions and ask your buddy to demonstrate when you are unsure. 

~ You may have found that there is little time for “Person-centred care” (PCC) which is a large part of the Cert 3 and is in just about every unit. Make the effort every moment you can to practice PCC. Most residents or clients love a new face and attitude and will appreciate your freshness.

~ You may have noticed, now you are looking for your first job, that the ads want 2-3 years or 200 hours experience. Not only is this attractive to most employers for obvious reasons it also means they can employ “machines”. These are workers that just get in and do the job efficiently and with no fuss. This sounds ideal for an employer but is it the right person for the residents? Can these machines really deliver true person-centred care?

Once you get your first job don’t get sucked into the vortex of becoming a machine – keep up that natural enthusiasm you had while on placement. If you don’t find your facility allows time for person-centred care then do 200 hours and move onto a better quality facility.