Don't be a sheep in aged care - it may be a baaaad move

8 Nov 2016 2:15 PMDPT DPT
Don't be a sheep in aged care - it may be a baaaad move

Puns aside, students on placement are keen to fit in but some do so in the wrong ways.

On many occasions, while assessing , I've seen students on placement fall into the habits of the buddy's they are teamed with. This is usually a good thing, as many nurses are great teachers but... there are many buddies's that are not.

See this past blog on different types of buddies. (One student told me recently he had a lazy, disappearing, queen bee buddy. That's 3/5 from the list on this blog)

This recent news story highlights the importance of not following what everyone else is doing in the workplace. It shows there was no supervision of the student nurse and she was told to fill in notes on someone's else's login not her own. Story here>>

This is wrong, wrong, wrong wrong and is not what students in aged care or nursing are taught. Correct reporting should be drummed into students by trainers and practiced many many times over the course. So you only write notes on your own login.

The other point in the story, that caused the fatality, was no supervision. Again all wrong. On placement, you should not be left alone in the first few shifts and not be asked to do anything "outside your scope of practice". Nor should you do anything you are not comfortable or confident with.

Don't just go along with the buddy who says - "you can do it". If it doesn't feel right don't do it.

Don't be pressured by your buddy into poor infection control practices either. If you want to wear gloves and your buddy doesn't - wear them. They can't sack you. You won't get into trouble for wearing too many gloves.

Keep diligent about your practice, go over your class notes and speak to your trainer during placement if you have any problems.