Don't get left behind - up to date resources for aged care

29 Oct 2018 7:07 PMJen Fitzgerald
Don't get left behind - up to date resources for aged care

Aged care students and workers should keep up to date with the latest industry news. Here are just a few of the best resources.

It’s time to update study resources and a list of aged care websites for your ongoing professional development.

Back in February 2016 a blog was published - Resources that will boss your study

Some of the websites have changed their names so here is the 2018 version



Dementia Australia

The first and best website for everything dementia

Become a dementia friend – a new program to help communities and individuals become dementia friendly

Dementia Training Australia

Our Mission

To improve the care and wellbeing of people living with dementia, and the wellbeing of staff delivering their care, by providing or brokering nationally consistent, high-quality knowledge translation services to aged and health care staff, managers and other professionals.

Aged Care websites

Aged Care Insite


Carers Australia

and many many more....

Many more can be found on the DPT Facebook page. We follow over 100 pages and share the most relevant posts 3-4 times per week.