Flying high like an angel - how to be a special nurse

22 Mar 2016 10:03 AMDPT DPT
Flying high like an angel - how to be a special nurse

When you meet an angel nurse, one you aspire to be - take notes

Many new DPT students are out on placement now or close to it.


Your whole class has learnt the same material, enjoyed the same activities and are looking forward to getting out of the classroom.

But what will make or break you in your first days of placement?


It’s not your perfect manual handling skills or the perfect way you wash your hands (30 times or more in one shift). No, it will be your attitude.


Have you heard the saying your attitude determines your altitude?


We are not talking about job promotion, we are talking about the type of AIN that flies high over the stresses of the job.


The kind of AIN that experiences the same pressures as everybody else but they are different. They don’t whinge, they don’t gossip in the lunchroom, they don’t dump on their family, they especially don’t chat on social media.


These Angel AINs’ respond professionally and calmly, confront the person or situation and solve the issue quickly and move on.


Are you one these Angel nurses? Can you see yourself acting like this? You will learn by observing these special nurses. By taking them on as a role model. Copy the way they talk to ressies, copy the eye contact, the smiles, the touches and cuddles they give everybody.


One nurse comes to mind. She has a magic touch with some residents who refuse to get out of chairs. How? With her attitude. She pays them lots off attention and then has them to dance with her as she safely transfers them.

Pay close attention when you meet these Angel nurses – take mental notes and aspire to be like them one day soon.


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