Four Questions to Ask About Certificate 3 in Aged or Disability Care

23 Jan 2015 4:15 PMDPT DPT

It is vital to choose the right training college and course to suit you.

There are many colleges to choose from and there are many questions to ask before you enrol. All colleges have to run 14 units for a Cert 3 but there is no set time frame. This makes the difference between offering a crammed course or slowing it down to learn in a relaxed paced environment. Here are 4 important questions to ask or research.

1.How large are the classes? 10-12 students is ideal. With this number the class is small enough so you will get personal attention and if you are new to studying, you won’t feel lost amongst the crowd. Also this size is good for class discussion and sharing and is most time efficient for trainers and students.

2.What is the course length? how many weeks in a classroom, is it part time or full time study. There are 20 -30 short questions and 1-2 projects per unit so with each course there is time to do assessments properly and much of the short questions can be done in class. With a well paced  course you are more able take in the information and ask questions. There is also time for in-class practical sessions such as role plays and demonstrations of equipment. You want to learn in a relaxed organised environment, our courses will provide that. The skills gained will also prepared you and give you the confidence for placement.

3.How many practical sessions? Practical sessions involve using different pieces of equipment e.g. mobility aids, vital signs such as a blood pressure machine or personal care sessions. As an example the total units there should be at least 12. Some units are smaller and need only some discussion. It is vital you have practical skills before you go into placement as the managers are looking for new staff and if you are well prepared you will impress right from the start. See this video by a former student>>

4.What extra classes are provided? At DPT we do more than just teach the course - we prepare you for the workplace. We provide classes in Placement prep, Resume prep and interviewing prep. Many former students report they have been through hour long interviews with many scenario questions being asked. For example what would you do if you found a resident on the floor? Or demonstrate foot care? Our trainers will prep you for these interviews. Because we keep in touch with former students and follow their progress from placement through to employment, we know what employers want. Some students have applied for over 20 jobs before gaining employment. The better prepared the better your chance of getting a job. Enrol today here>> Classes start from 3rd February or phone 1300 130487

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