From Zero to Hero

14 Aug 2017 5:28 PMJen Fitzgerald
From Zero to Hero

Get inspired! Know how students are finishing their Certificate 3 or 4 changes from zero to hero. Learn more.

For many students finishing their Cert 3 or 4 is life changing. They don’t realise it till the end of the course, but for someit is a major turning point in their life. They feel in control of their destiny.

Some have not studied for many years and left school early.

Many believe they were hopeless at school - were told they are stupid by teachers or relatives and at a young age they believed it.

And even, many years later, when they tell their friends or relatives they are starting a course they still get dissed – doubt floods in again. So these students begin the classes full of apprehension with little enthusiasm or with expectations that they won’t finish.

How wrong they were.

By halfway through the course, the light switch goes on and they can see the light.

Handing in their final assessment they are full of joy and pride.

For a trainer, it is an honour to be part of their journey from zero to hero (I mean that in the nicest way).

So if you are thinking of doing the Cert 3 or 4 talk to admin at DP Training to find out all you can. Read up on the website, enrol and go for it!

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