Getting the most out of Prac sessions - ENJOY!

26 Aug 2015 2:14 PM
Getting the most out of Prac sessions - ENJOY!

This article provides information on why practical sessions are essential. Read some feedback from past students. Learn more.

Practical sessions are always fun and students love getting out of the classroom into a new environment. Comments from students after Manual Handling Prac sessions are: 'Its harder than you think' 'It was great using the equipment' 'Pushing real people around in wheelchairs or shower chairs is very physical' 'Using the full hoist was scary' 'Good to understand how it will feel for our clients' 'I now understand the importance of correct technique and equipment so myself and the client are safe'

From these comments you can see that Prac is vital to give you a wider set of skills than just classroom work and it can be a real eye opener for some who have never worked with the aged before. Another issue that may arise due to Prac sessions is any past injuries you have that may affect your movement.

For example not being able to kneel to put on a clients shoes on or a pain in the back, due to past a sporting injury, when pushing a wheelchair bound client. These injuries should be treated before the you go out on placement as the physical side of nursing is very repetitive and injuries will not get better if not treated.

Go see a good physio, acupuncturist or chiropractor. Try yoga to to warm up stiff joints and muscles. If you have an injury it is important to stretch before your shift. If you can walk or ride your bike to work then you will be warmed up before you get there and that will help any niggling pain. Correct technique using the B A C K practice and not reaching outside your balance circle are vital. B for bend at the hips and knees together, A for Avoid twisting, C is close to the load and K for keep all movements smooth.

Your balance circle is the diameter when swinging your arms around the body with hands out from your thighs. Do not reach further than this circle. Use safe techniques, patience and healing any past injuries will mean a satisfying time when taking part in Prac sessions and on placement too. More articles on this topic: Are you ready to be an AIN?