Surprising Ways parenting and nursing are similar

28 Sep 2015 3:41 PMDPT DPT

There are surprising similarities between a parent and a nurse. Parental skills and knowledge will come in handy on the job. Learn more.

Patience – required in bucketloads to handle unruly toddlers and snarky teens and we need a bucketful every shift too. Many residents/patients will test you with their repetitive behaviour, requests and constant use of the call button. Use whatever tactic you use with your kids to keep calm. It will be the same or just simply take 3 deep breaths.

Caring- this comes natural to parents as young kids need constant care. Care keeping them safe, personal care, and emotional care including lots of cuddles and a caring voice and manner. These are all essential traits for a Community worker.

Prepared? You don’t get a manual when your first baby is born just like your Cert 3 can’t prepare you for every event at work. What do you do? Learn on the job of course. And soak up all the support you can.

Time management skills Remember how long it took to get out the door with a baby and toddler and how you got better at it as time went by? Well those same time management skills are vital at work too. You may have to work to a schedule that may not suit your residents but being flexible and patience is the key.

”Don’t treat me like a baby” is a common cry from kids. It’s the same for your residents or clients. Don’t talk down to them – don’t use a baby voice if you think they can’t understand you. They are adults and should not be treated like children. Just like kids they want to be independent and make their own decisions so allow them. Do not be bossy just because you are stressed and rushed. Deep breathe , count to ten and smile.

Other tips to keep calm through the day are shoulder shrugs, head rolls, squeeze balls and eating well.

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