Have AIN quals? Go bush

5 Sep 2016 5:31 PMDPT DPT
Have AIN quals? Go bush

A sense of adventure and the right quals could find you in a beautiful spot in Australia. Away from the big city, with wide open countryside and new friends.

Your assistant nurse certificate can take you places. Do you love to travel? Do you love adventure? Do you need a change in your life?

Your AIN certificate could be a stepping stone to a new you!

Think Julia Roberts in Eat Play Love.


Just taking off and going where the wind blows. Ok, so Australia is not full of gorgeous Italian men in Roman street cafes but it offers a lot of adventure and nursing work outside the major eastern cities.

Here are three top spots to work as an assistant nurse that have positions available now. DSW work is also available in many regional centres.

Darwin N.T.

T-shirt and shorts are high fashion here. An Asian inspired city and the beach markets are world famous. A quick trip to Indonesia for a weekend spa in Bali could be yours.


Yes, it's a tad chilly but you are never more than 10 minutes from mountains or beaches and only 1 hour from stunning country drives from Launceston (pictured) or Hobart. Fresh farm food abounds like the berry season in summer, cheese factories, vineyards, salmon etc. Delish. Tassie has everything for the adventurous type.


Perth W.A

The remotest city in the world, Perth is a great place to work. It has 6 hospitals within 10 minutes of the city. Easy access to the Western Australian coastline and millions of km's to explore. Just grab your tent, camper or caravan and go lose yourself on your days off


Interested? Go to each states' relevant Department of Health and you can be sent alerts for all nursing jobs. Check out seek.com or Indeed .com for aged care facility work or disability work.

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