How to be an awesome ray of sunshine

19 Nov 2015 12:42 PMDPT DPT

When working in nursing or as a Disability worker it's essential to be a ray of sunshine for your residents or clients.

An article from Dementia Care Australia is the jump start for this weeks blog about being a ray of sunshine every moment for your residents or clients. Read on...

The Spark of Life Approach

Dementia Care Australia (DCA) has developed this approach under the guidance and direction of Jane Verity, a leading authority on dementia care. She gratefully acknowledges the immense life wisdom and special qualities shared by people with dementia who have provided many insights towards developing this approach. 
The Spark of Life Approach is underpinned by three core principles, each supported by three practical strategies to make it simple to implement the approach: 

Shift Your Focus - emphasise the positive not the negative

  • See the ‘Angel in the Stone'
  • Take Action to Build Strengths
  • Boost Self-esteem

Share Your Heart - connect with your loving side and share it in how you think, speak and act

  • Be Loving and Genuinely Interested
  • Engage Compassion
  • Forgive Yourself and the Other Person

Shine Your Light - be and show the best you can be

  • Activate Your Patience
  • Use Descriptive Appreciation
  • Be Playful and have Fun

When we use the Spark of Life Approach, we never miss an opportunity to enrich another person's life by lifting their spirit, and helping them to grow honest, authentic, long-lasting self-esteem. Based on the genuine kindness, love, empathy and respect that come from a compassionate heart without judgement, the essence of the approach comes from deep within and bubbles out to others. This is ... the Spark of Life attitude! 

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