How to not get through your course or placement

3 Oct 2017 2:18 PM
How to not get through your course or placement

5 tips on how not to fail. It is obvious how to succeed in your course and new career but what about the things not to do.

Some students take advantage of trainers being time poor and think they can get away with anything. Also, some students on placement think they will get away with not doing tasks and won’t be caught - WRONG and WRONG!

Experienced trainers have seen all the student’s tricks. Here are five ways to fail or have to redo your assessment or placement.


Fail 1. Get your supervisor or buddy to sign off your placement hours before you do them.

You will get caught. Your trainer checks with the manager and will report this

Fail 2. Get someone else to write your assignments.

The handwriting is different – duh!.You will be asked to re-submit.

Fail 3. Not finishing all the assessments or writing very little.

You will be asked to re-submit.

Fail 4. Don’t show up for classes thinking you can wing it.

It will be noticed plus there is a written record on the sign on sheets. Be aware of this when it comes to asking for a referee from your trainer. You may not get one – see article below.

Fail 5. Not turning up to placement and/or not ringing in to let someone know you are sick.

Placement is a job. It is also a trial for your trainer and potential employer to see how you perform. Do the right thing and ring in if you are sick.

Don't be a drop out. Follow the rules, read your student handbook and enjoy your course.

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