How will my family cope with my studying then nursing?

15 Feb 2016 10:33 AMDPT DPT
How will my family cope with my studying then nursing?

Not sure how you will cope with studying full time and then nursing. Take a deep breath and read on.

Your kids are growing up, you’ve been a stay at home parent for a while and/or been you’ve been out of the workforce for a spell.  Is this you?

Do you worry how your family or partner will cope now you are a full time student? And then after when you are working shift work

It’s a big adjustment for you and for your loved ones.

  1. You’re away all day and not home like you use to be for the kids/partner
  2. You’re finishing assessments at home for many hours
  3. Your focus in life has changed
  4. You may be tired after a long day in the classroom
  5. The family/friends/partner may not like your attention being elsewhere and you talking about the class or topics so often

If any of this is happening to you should ask for their support.

Why are you doing the course?

Stop now and write down 3 reasons why you are doing the course.  Then explain this to your loved ones.

This will help them understand the ‘whys’ and will allay any fears and give them a better understanding.

This exercise will also reinforce to yourself why are you doing the course and help you stay on track.

As for shift work this will be another type of adjustment.  See next week’s

blog for tips on surviving shift work.

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