If Care workers were animals

26 May 2017 10:18 AMJen Fitzgerald
If Care workers were animals

What kind of animal are you in the aged care workplace? Sit back and see if any of 5 types are you. Learn more.

It takes a special kind person to work in aged care. Here are some person personality types by animal that are not suited to Aged Care (Apologies to the animals lol).

Peacock – the person who is in the job for the praise from clients and the attention he/she gets. Your job should be done from the heart not ego driven. There no room or time to think of yourself. Your job is all about your clients.

Sloth – cutting corners because of time constraints is no excuse. Being a sloth can be dangerous and your clients could get hurt because of your slackness.

Sheep – can’t think for themselves and just follow the herd. Initiative is highly regarded in aged care and can be learned.

Mouse – quiet, softly spoken, shy types will not last. There is a saying “Nurses eat their young” and bullying is rife in nursing. Mice types need to step up and assert themselves or they will be stung.

Queen bee – take down mice, sloths, sheep and peacocks with ease. A gossip, rules the floor and is the bully of the facility.

So if any of these animals sound like you, then think long and hard before signing up for aged care.

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