Meet the Trainer - Ian Mackintosh

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Meet the Trainer - Ian Mackintosh

Let's get to know Ian Mackintosh who has been facilitating the class-based program for DP Training since May 2015. Find out more.

Getting to know Ian Mackintosh who is the trainer and assessor at our Brisbane class.

Ian has been facilitating the class based program for DP Training since May 2015.

Ian currently delivers the Certificate III in Individual Support for Ageing and Home and Communtiy Care in additona to professional development workshops. His past experience as a trainer has been with ACE Community College in the Certificiate III and IV in Aged Care and Home and Community Care.

Ian has received wonderful feedback from our students based on his professionalism, his currently industry experience and support for each student as they progress thorugh the program.

Ian has also been working as an AIN with Blue Care for 6 years assisting residents with all types of daily living and nursing care.

How long have you been a trainer?
Concurrently with other work since I finished my TAE (trainer qualification) since early 2011
What is your aged care work background?
I have been working in Aged Care since 1987 ongoing, again concurrently, and in between other positions
What three things do you enjoy about being a trainer?
~ Passing on knowledge, skills, and experience
~ Advancing the students through the course, facilitating their progress and recognising their achievement
~ The positive feedback from students when they successfully attain a position gives me a lot of personal satisfaction and is a great validation for our work
What are the three challenges of being a trainer?
~ To maintain a high standard of teaching, I think it is necessary to be competent 

~ Also working with flexibility when you have a diverse range of students
~ To ensure industry knowledge is up to date with continued professional development 
What are three tips for students to get through the course?
~ Be prepared to be diligent in committing to your study
~ Submit work in a timely fashion to avoid the stress of getting behind
~ Complete research and homework so you can focus completely in class 


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