Meet the trainer - Kelly Harby

18 Dec 2017 10:18 AM
Meet the trainer - Kelly Harby

Kelly is the new Lead Assessor and Trainer at the Bowen Hills office in Brisbane, training in Aged Care.

How long have you been a trainer?

I am heading into my 8th year as an Aged Care Trainer.

Your aged care/disability work background?

I have been in the Aged Care/Community Sector since I was 17, my first role was as an AIN within a Nursing Facility. My passion grew from there. Over the years I have developed an affinity with the service delivery of training and teaching within the aged care sector. I am very compliance and quality driven. I am passionate about ensuring that those that want to skill themselves in the industry, not only find reward in their services and skills, but they believe that what they are doing has a purpose and is appreciated.

What three things do you enjoy about being a trainer?

  • I love bringing and developing a passion within students about a career and life choice that they are making
  • I enjoy imparting knowledge and tools to help them obtain their goals
  • Seeing students develop and find purpose in their careers, and hearing their stories

What are the three challenges of being a trainer?

  • Ensuring you know your audience and that you understand each learning style
  • Empowering the student to believe that they can do thing
  • Breaking bad cycles of learning or mishaps students have had happen to them, and getting them to trust in themselves

What are three tips for students to get through the course?

  • Prepare and be ready or each class, and each day. It’s always new and always plenty of information to learn
  • Ask. Always ask when you are unsure
  • Time management is vital. You need it in any facet of your life, use the course to help manage this

What you enjoy doing outside work?

Family time for me is vital and important. I have five children in total, (blended family), and I also am a Marriage Celebrant so some weekends, I am off helping couples change their lives!

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