More more more... aged care courses

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More more more... aged care courses

You've started your Aged Care career and the rose covered glasses are off. You'd like more skills in Dementia and Depression - here are 2 free courses.

At DPT we recommend further study for all our students. Particularly after a few months of work in the industry when reality kicks in.

The Cert 3 can only prepare you for so much and is limited to 13 units. The timetable prevents a lot of in-depth learning so its always good when free courses appear to supplement what you are learning on the job.  The PEAC program and the Understanding Dementia program are both short, free and online. They also look good on your resume to show your employer that you are interested in further study and it’s more than just a job to you


About the PEAC e-learning program

beyondblue's Professional Education to Aged Care (PEAC) e-learning program’s overall objective is to improve the detection and management of anxiety and depression in residential and community aged care settings.


The modules in the program include:

  • Understanding anxiety and depression
  • Anxiety and depression in older people
  • Promoting the mental health of community aged care clients
  • Promoting the mental health of aged care residents
  • Identifying and responding to suicide in aged care settings (new)
  • Managing anxiety and depression in aged care clients and residents
  • Looking after your mental health at work (new)

Aged care staff register at: to Your registration will then direct you to the most appropriate course for your role and setting.


Understanding Dementia

Understanding Dementia is 9-week online course from the University of Tasmania.

It requires approximately 3 hours per week of study and is designed for a Cert 4 level of study.

3 units – the Brain, the Diseases, the person

It has many interactive sections and you can learn via videos of lectures or a transcript of each lecture. There is also a forum after each unit where all participants share their stories. Over 30000 people have completed the course from 124 countries so the forum is rich in information.

After completing the final quizzes for all three units of the course, participants will be eligible to download a free certificate of participation, as well as a record of the notes that have been taken throughout the course.

Enrol here >>

Dates for 2016 are to be confirmed.


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