More study? Just think about it

18 Jul 2016 8:18 AMDPT DPT
More study? Just think about it

Going onto more study may make you want to snort into your coffee but think about it - it can be fun.

I've started a Uni degree in Dementia Care. I know mad!!! However, the unit I fear the most, Neuroscience, has started in a fun way. We were asked to post 20 new brain medical terms onto a discussion board, in any fashion we liked.

Here is my contribution.


1 54 yr old brain for a nice shiny 20 yr old one preferably female.

One owner only. Well used and loved.

Comes complete with a brain stem , thalamus, hippocampus and cerebral cortex or the covering of the brain. The Hippocampus needs a tune up as remembering where the keys are is becoming quite a challenge.

All lobes are fully functioning but there is some wear and tear on the Frontal lobe where a personality disorder may be forming due to too many wines, children and uni assignments over the past 54 years. The Occipital lobe also requires a check up for vision issues every 12 months.

The other lobes - parietal and temporal lobes, are in full working order and able to still do 2 things at once- just. This brains best feature is the cerebellum which has been exercised since a young age. The owner has now has gone new-agey with yoga classes meaning the new owner will be able to withstand that god-awful chill out music that cafes have to play.

There is some wear and tear on at least 1.256 billion synapses due to long-term neurotransmitter overload. Axons and dendrites at either end of neurons may need a polish too. The chemical reaction needed for the messages to pass between neurons is a little slow especially before at least two cups of coffee AM stat.

However, there are many fantastic memories stored in the brain somewhere, and the new owner will benefit from this wisdom and clarity. Another benefit is experience, as the owner has probably done all the stupid things a typical brain owner does so no need to repeat them again.

Please leave message here.

Cheers Jen

Image source  Pixabay