New student questions - the top 2 answered

3 Nov 2018 10:44 AMJen Fitzgerald
New student questions - the top 2 answered

New students have many many questions but the top 2 are about course information and getting a job after the course.

Looking through enquiries for DPT courses most are questions are about course information and whether there will be a job afterwards

Very good question.

DPT will secure job placement of 120 hours for students. This is always in an aged care facility and is 15 x 8 hour shifts spread over 3-4 weeks.

This is a requirement of the course and all students must complete the hours to gain the certificate.

An attendance log is signed off every day by your supervisor and the placement workbook is checked and signed by your trainer when you finish the hours.

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Getting a job is another question.

Most students may be offered a job by their placement facility. But there are no guarantees of this happening.

Reasons for this are; the facility is not hiring at the time of placement, a change in management, facility budget restraints and/or government funding.

The makeup of the types of residents can influence hiring too. Facilities receive more funding for high care residents. New high care residents may move in or existing residents may move from requiring low care to high care. This means more hours are required to look after a person so staff hours may be adjusted.

An example is a resident who has had a fall and is confined to bed for a few days and is assessed as requiring a
stand up hoist. This means they are now a two-assist resident requiring two careworkers at all times to transfer. This scenario may happen to 3 -4 people over a week so extra staff are needed

In summary get the job by following the tips in the DPT placement survival blogs. Show up to placement and shine and your chances of getting the job will be boosted.