Its never too late for a NEW CAREER

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Its never too late for a NEW CAREER

Mature student? Thinking about a new career for 2017 in Health or Aged Care? Consider these 5 points

Are you a mature student considering aged care as a new career. You are never too old to study again. 

Consider these 5 points

1. What is your motivation to become an assistant nurse in a Health or Aged Care, Disability of Community care? Do you have a natural caring and compassionate nature? A real desire to help people in need? These are key motivation and success factors. Being a carer for an elderly or disabled family member is also another reason many people enter the health/aged care sector. Examine your own reasons. 

2What education do you need? You will need a Certificate 3 in Individual Support for an Aged care Industry job. You can do dual qualifications in Disability or Community with the Aged Care certificate if you want to enter these fields. There are 16 units altogether and it is best train in face-to-face classes that have lots of practical sessions. See article here>>

3. Do you have the skills and strengths? See point 1 re. being caring and compassionate. Being a parent also gives you a good skill set helpful for these industries. Patience, a thick skin and a calm nature are good quality strengths and can be developed on the job. As the saying goes “Nurse aren’t angels but they are the next best thing”.

4What different roles are there? There many different roles in Nursing (see a list here>>) and it depends on the type of worker you are and the type of work environment you prefer. Do you like working on your own? then being a community or special nurse would suit you. If you’d like a more clinical setting consider being an AIN in a Hospital. 

Or if working in a structured setting with the elderly or disabled interests you then being an Aged Care nurse or Disability Worker may be for you. Read these 2 articles written on this subject>>

5What is the future for an AIN hold? There will be a higher demand for Disability Workers with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Community Care work should increase as more services are catered towards keeping the elderly at home. As Government changes funding there may be more need for specialist services such as dementia care. Our ageing population means a steady source of aged care workers will still be needed well into the future.

See the DPT course page for course information to start in 2017. Course info here >>

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