No AIN job yet? 7 hacks to get employed

18 Jun 2017 6:14 PM
No AIN job yet?  7 hacks to get employed

You know the demand is there, you know you are a good AIN prospect but can't crack the market yet? Don't give up! Tips for success are here

According to the Council of the Ageing, by 2050 3.5 million Australians will need aged care services..

Now Baby Boomers are retiring, the demand for Aged Care Workers will become higher very soon. With over four million people born in Australia between 1946 and 1961, this group are living longer than any previous generation due to advances in medical science. Add in immigrants who are now in their 60’s and 70’s and the numbers just keep going up.

So the good news - the demand for workers is there. The bad news it can take a new AIN some months to score their first job.

Ideally, once you’ve completed your placement you apply for a job at your a placement facility. They’ve seen your work, you’ve got good feedback from your buddies so you’d slightly expect to get the gig. But it is not a certainty. It just depends on whether they need workers. In the case of a past student group, they all did well but the facility was just not hiring at that time. However, within 3 months 63% had jobs in other organisations. From another group, 12/16 got jobs within 2 months. Generally, there is a 60 - 80% employment success rate but it can take time.

So how to increase your prospects:

  • Keep on knocking on doors
  • Don’t just apply online and hope for the best
  • Go visit HACC providers and facilities with a hard copy resume
  • Be prepared to travel – don’t moan there are no jobs in your immediate area - move or travel those extra miles
  • If you’re in regional areas there are fewer facilities but fewer workers. Home care may be another option in rural areas
  • Keep your education up – there are many short online courses and resources. It all looks good on the CV. For example Palliative Care - Dying2learn is one course - register interest for the next course here>>. Continence management resources are here >> and they are both free!

So if you are patient and persistent you will get the job.