Required 55,770 Aged & Community Care employees

22 May 2015 5:45 PMLicensee Person

Australia's aged care workforce continues to build up. Know the latest news developments from DP Training by checking this page.

Aged & Community Services Australia
Building the Aged Care Workforce
An Aged Care Workforce Development Strategy must be a priority of the Federal Government if Australia is to have an aged care workforce to meet the demand of a growing numberof older people.
In its position paper The Aged Care Workforce in AustraliaAged & Community Services Australia(ACSA) calls for a specific Budget allocation for sector-wide leadership development; national and regional staffingprojections, including the contribution made by support and administrative staff, based on population data;the impact of emerging models of care on work patterns and the diversity of work roles; action plans forimproving attraction, recruitment and retention in aged care; and key partnerships and initiatives forbuilding a skilled, modern and diverse age care workforce. Adj Prof John G Kelly, ACSA CEO, saidthe aged care workforce is older than the overall Australianworkforce,it is gender- biased with an89% femaleworkforcein residential care and more than 90% in community care. Positively it is a rich and diversemulticulturalworkforce.
"With Australia's older population growing in number and age there is a 2.5% projected growth of aged
care workers every year until 2050, but providers are already having difficulty filling vacancies, especially inrural andregionallocations.
"The current aged care reforms with its requirement to provide all home care packages on a consumer directed care (CDC) basis from July 2015 mean that the challenge of developing the future aged care workforce is not simply about finding more workers but finding new staffing models and ways of deliveringservices."
Based on the projections for service growth to 2023, it is estimated that there will need to be an
additional 55,770 FTE care workers (37,620 in residential aged care and 18,150 in community aged care) over the decade from 2013 to 2023
"Given the significance of ageing and aged care spending in the Federal Budget, it is crucial that
government and industry work together to ensure that Australia retains a flexible, responsive, high quality and sustainable aged care system.


Information sourced from the Aged and Communtiy Care Services Australia website 02.05.2015