Rollercoaster placement: a Q & A with a brand new AIN

17 Sep 2016 4:30 PM
Rollercoaster placement:  a Q & A with a brand new AIN

Sherree has just completed her placement and reveals all about the ups and downs of her experience.

Why was your placement experience like?

It was great. It was my first step into how the Aged Care industry operates. I only had ideas and misconceptions. I thought it might be grumpy people who may be hard to negotiate with, but my residents were very nice.


What topics from the course did you find useful?

 I found every topic useful from the course. The process of getting to know them, their strengths and weaknesses and encouraging them to get involved in activities. It was about Person Centred care plus understanding their different ailments.


What units from the course did you use the least?

I didn’t see any care plans. I only followed what the buddy told me to do.  I didn’t know their preferences for showering for instance. Care plans come up in every unit but I didn’t get time to read one in my facility. Also, the workplace was different from the Dementia unit (in the Cert 3 course) as it was all about the behaviours not the care of the behaviours.


What kind of words or attitudes did you see that were different to what you were taught?

I heard disrespectful words to describe residents like “bad tempered”. Another example, was when a resident was given a baby to hold, from a carer who brought in her newborn. This resident came out of his room for the first time in ages and he was smiling and chatting. However, I heard another carer say “I wouldn't leave my baby with him".  This carer was not happy about the resident's joy - she shut him down with her attitude.


What did you enjoy about placement?  

Giving them all my attention care. I danced with them, gave them hugs and kisses. I loved to make them feel special.


About your buddies What made a good buddy?

Someone who was very kind to both me and the residents. A buddy who would answer my questions and not get annoyed. Someone who was co-operative.


What was one lesson that you learnt on placement?

I was following and following my buddy too much and so I was told, a few weeks into my placement, that I was not finishing tasks, but I was just doing as I was told. So I then I learnt to say “I’m just going to finish this task (xyz) and I’ll be there in a few minutes.” That worked and I wasn’t at my buddies beck and call anymore and finished all my tasks.

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