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23 Nov 2014 1:45 PMDPT DPT

DPT trains its students on how to work well with their buddies when engaged in the nursing profession. Learn more.

This blog follows on from last weeks to explore what will be expected of you and what to expect from your buddy. As you can see from this youtube segment of one student’s experience>> http://youtu.be/1zIVrSnM8N4 it was a very rewarding experience. Deidre talks about the staff being great and putting into practice everything she learnt in class. She had four different buddy’s and this will be common wherever you work as a student or employee. See pictures here>> https://www.facebook.com/dptrainingau

You will be left on your own at times especially if you are competent. That can be scary but also a sign the staff have confidence in you. That’s a positive. However, if you are not comfortable always speak up. Don’t be rushed – speed is not always efficient especially for a new nurse. Ask your buddy to slow down a bit and ask for an explanation. Be patient with your buddy – some are better at being buddy’s than others. Some work the same way all the time and don’t want to change.

Your buddy is a support person not a trainer. They should allow you to make mistakes so you can learn, but by placement you should have all the skills you need to put into practice. Always offer to help other nurses on other wings if there is any down time. Your supervisor will not want to see you standing around. Offer to answer buzzers, as these are ideal opportunities to learn about all the little preferences and habits of your residents. Observe everything with eyes and ears wide open.

Do not judge the practices of your buddy but if you are asked to do something that is unsafe say no. On the other hand don’t be a perfectionist – see article here >> http://scrubsmag.com/perfectionism-and-nursing-are-you-driving-yourself-crazy  SPREAD THE LOVE So enjoy your time and speak of DPT in good terms. We are a growing company and invite you to share your recommendations to friends who are looking to do a certificate course.

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