Spread the love throughout your shift

23 Oct 2017 11:31 AMJen Fitzgerald
Spread the love throughout your shift

Spread joy during your shift. Know the different ways to spread love throughout your work shift. Learn more.


Prepare yourself for a joyful shift

Mentally prepare – the brain is a powerful organ so use it wisely. As you drive to work say to yourself (over and over) I’m going to have fun today, I’m going to have fun today. Even if you don’t feel it at first this mantra will sink in.

Be the ray of sunshine for your residents and co-workers

Spread a smile and this will, in turn, radiate joy via the ripple effect. Try to make someone's day. This person may be your most challenging resident or the buddy who seems a bit ansty.

Another way to spread the love is to go help other AIN’s in their wing or go chat to a resident for no reason at all. If you are in home care have a cup of tea and chat with your client if you are ahead on your schedule. {Read more]

Your hands and heart are connected – spread joy with every touch.

Be gentle with every touch not just residents but equipment and also when you are assisting with feeding. Be gentle with your voice and manner too. This is essential when working with people with dementia {Read more]

Lighten up

Be light hearted, light on your feet and light in your heart. Lighten up a tense moment by just listening.

Find the fun

It’s not a serious-minded job, it's not open heart surgery - you are meant to have fun at work. Try to find an opportunity to make a joke and find the fun in the moment.

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