Student placement – Survival tips part 1

8 Nov 2014 7:56 PMDPT DPT

Survival guide for students going on AIN placement

Placement time should be enjoyable not stressful so it is timely to share some tips on getting organized so you can make the most out of it in a calm and professional manner. After all you are training to be a nurse!

Induction- Your first day will be an induction session for the facility. This will be a fire and evacuation drill, paperwork, basic PPE, Manual handling and where records, policies and procedures are kept. You may be given your roster too.

What to bring -Take your documents on the first day – First Aid, Hepatitis shots record and your Police check. Best to always bring your own lunch and snacks as there maybe no food provided on the premises - or just a drink machine. Bring your own coffee cup and water bottle.

Mobile phones - don’t carry or if you do make sure it is turned off or to silent - do not answer it during a shift only on your break. Get a bum bag or nurses pouch to carry your phone, keys, notebook, black pens etc. Nurse’s pouches can be bought on eBay.

Shift times- They vary depending on the facility and range from 6am-7am start for morning shift and 2pm-3pm start for an afternoon shift. You will be expected to work 4-5 days straight unless you have arranged something else prior to your first day and will have to take whatever shifts they give you. So it is best to make childcare arrangements way before you start your placement. Shift lengths will be 6-7 hours.

Generally you will get a 15 minute break then a 30 minute break later in the shift.

Uniform - Always keep it clean and tidy. You can wear a white top and dark pants, long shorts or knee length skirt plus comfortable covered shoes. Always wear your ID badge. Hair is tied back, wear minimal jewellry and tattoos should be covered but ask the facility first about this. If are with an Centrelink employment agency they may cover costs of uniform shoes etc.

Punctuality- Always arrive 10 minutes earlier. Put your lunch in the staff room fridge, get your water bottle filled and arrive for handover early.

Handover- You’ll be informed about your shift buddy and what area of the facility you’ll be in. Also ask for a handover sheet which has residents names, room numbers and basic mobility and personal care information of residents. Place your water bottle somewhere handy as you will need to keep hydrated.

After every shift have the training diary signed off including the DP Training plan (TP) shift sheet. When you have completed your placement make sure the TP is completely signed, filled in then post back to Deb.

Any problems or questions always ask. Any incidents report them. If in doubt email your DP trainer or contact Deb.

Enjoy your time and keep in touch.

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Next week how to keep stress free while on placement plus a short video from a DP Training student about her experience