The funny side of aged care - a list of the best Facebook pages

12 Nov 2018 12:04 PMJen Fitzgerald
The funny side  of aged care - a list of the best Facebook pages

Not much was found when searching for funny Facebook and Instagram posts specific to aged care. However, there are loads of RN Nurse pages... so for now they will have to do.

A Facebook search, to find pages focussing on the funny side of aged care, revealed only a handful of pages. Most of the pages found during the seach are aimed at a hospital RN audience. A search on Instagram showed up even less - just senior citizens posing in funky outfits - go figure ???

Another form of nursing humour in social media is nursing memes. They are very popular and many are shared to the DPT page where they have excellent engagement by our fans.


So the best funny nurse FB pages and websites are:

Be kind to nurses we keep them from killing you.

Seriously that is the name of the page and it is funny, in a dark humour kind of way that only nurses can laugh at. Highly recommended.


Nursing humour and funny nursing stories.

The name says it all – aimed at RN’s, it’s still funny and relevant for aged care nurses


Scrubs magazine – "Fun" section

This is an American site on a range of subjects but has a large “Fun” section. Very RN orientated but still good.


Funny Nurses

The title says it all - a good mix of funny and serious posts


I work in aged care

An Australian site worth liking