The insiders guide to being a great PCW

20 Feb 2018 11:21 AM
The insiders guide to being a great PCW

Three top tips for students on placement, being a great PCW, Palliative Care and Dementia care. Learn more.


Three top tips for students on placement

1.Have a pen and paper. Your first few shifts may be overwhelming at first so best to write down all that you’ve learnt.

2. Watch, watch and keep watching what staff are doing

3. Let go of all judgement. You will think that what you learnt in class is the only way. Have faith in your buddy as they are doing it correct way for the facility and the person you are caring for.


Three top tips for being a great PCW

1.Always remember you are in the resident’s home so how they choose to live in the ACF is their right

2. Never hesitate to ask questions – that way you get to know the residents and meet their needs efficiently.

3. Arrive early to your shift and read the residents notes so you know everything about for the shift. Also, read recent notes so you know recent events. It’s your responsibility to know. Don’t’ expect the resident to tell you everything should know.


Tips for Palliative care

Recognise that the person is very fragile so work very gently as their skin integrity is fragile too. Work with your buddy to know where to place your hands. Wait for medication so you can care with more comfort. Always talk in a calm voice. Be particularly mindful of oral care as this can be painful for them. Be stringent on nutrition and hydration.


Tips for Dementia care

I love dementia as people are so unpredictable so you have to work in the moment. You take each moment as it comes. They have very strong feelings so they express them strongly. They may be in physical or emotional pain.


The Final word….

Do everything with the resident’s permission. Whatever decisions they want to make is ok as long as they are safe.

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