The more things change the more they stay the same in Nursing

15 Jun 2015 10:55 AM
The more things change the more they stay the same in Nursing

Resources for AIN's are few but some articles for RN's can be helpful

Scrubs Magazine is a great resource for Hospital Registered nurses but there are also many articles for Aged Care AIN’s nurses on this website.

There latest article on ’10 ways to spot an old school Nurse’ is interesting but what is more interesting is the comments underneath, where some newer nurses are saying the 10 points listed are not just for old school nurses.

Sure, nursing caps are gone (in Australia but not in many other countries) and handwriting documents is phasing out but the old school ways are still being taught. Just ask me!

At DP Training we teach that quality professionalism, presentation and communication skills are paramount. Many students are former AIN’s gaining new qualifications and two recent students found not a lot had changed over 10-15 years.

They both said most of nursing is commonsense and about treating people like you would like your mother brother or father to care for- which has never changed.

The topics of Privacy, dignity and confidentially are taught many many times through the Cert 3 Aged Care course and this has not changed through the decades and still remains a topic that students must respect and adhere too.

Decades ago there may not have been so many laws around these topics but now there are and any breach is taken very seriously. However, you will still hear gossip in the nurses lunchroom but you should learn to ignore it and not buy into to it.

Maintain high standards, practice what your trainer teaches you and use your commonsense and you will make a great nurse new and old school. Full article here>>