The newness of being a new student nurse

12 Jul 2016 10:25 AMDPT DPT
The newness of being a new student nurse

As a new student nurse, you will be fresh and keen. Know the following occurrences and milestones along your placement journey. Learn more.

The following is a list of occurrences and milestones along your placement journey.  Maybe one or more will occur per week. The main point is your attitude will determine your altitude.  

Week 1

Induction on Day 1. You will be shown around the facility, given a fire drill and paperwork

Your head may be spinning - breathe

Everything is new – every resident, every hour, every staff member

You may be exhausted by the pace of your buddy

You will have different buddies during the week and this may be hard to adjust to so

Read this placement survival tip blog to help 

Week 2

You should be feeling more confident this week

Having different buddies does not faze you now. Many things don’t faze you now

You know your way around the facility and you are keeping up the pace

You feel you are getting into the routine of the Facility

You are also getting into a routine at home – around your shifts

You know the residents names

You should be looking after yourself by this stage so you are not so tired

Week 3

You are working like a pro

You are less task focussed and more person focussed by now

You are starting to show initiative, which will help get you a job. Read more about getting your first job here >

Your time management skills are better as you find time to chat, as you work, with residents and really get to know them

You’ve done your time you are ready to apply for a job at your facility


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