The Placement challenge test

26 Mar 2017 11:08 AMDPT DPT
The Placement challenge test

3 real life situations that happened on placement. Can you guess the right solutions for the students?

Preparing students for placement is a challenge for most trainers. Trainers cannot simulate in the classroom, what a real aged care facility is like. The busyness, the residents, the routine and the buddies. It’s a sink or swim type situation for most students, and happily, 99% of students stay float and survive to get a job in the industry.

At a recent placement debriefing, all the students had their tales to tell - the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are some situations that actually happened.

Situation 1

One student was handed a piece of paper with 3 resident names on it. She was told they were all “singles” and could she do them. This was in the dementia unit and she had worked there for a total of 2 hours – what are the problems here and what should she do? (Bonus point if you can guess the wrong languge)

Situation 2 

A student was asked to attend to a resident who had a personality disorder. This was all she was told. The other nurses had tried and were not welcomed by the resident. What are the problems here and what should she do?

Situation 3

A student complained to the trainer that she was standing around with nothing to do on the PM shift. What are the problems here and what should she do?

Answers next week

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