Trainers are human too

9 Mar 2016 8:59 AMDPT DPT
Trainers are human too

Your trainers are in the class room too with a new curriculum for 2016

Studying the new Certificate 3 in Individual Support (only released this year) is exciting for many DPT students. It may be the opportunity for a new career, a new life even. A good chance of employment, a fulfilling job, a regular income are all the goodies that are there for the taking once you’ve finished.


But spare a thought for your trainer. It is a very new course for them. For many years it’s been the Certificate 3 in Aged Care with options of dual qualification in Home Care or Disability. The units remained the same for many years too. Now there are new units, new assessment materials and lots more on the job assessment.

Starting in 2016, trainers have to prep for the updated units, which means also starting prep afresh.  Previously trainers have their lesson plans all set and have been teaching topics in a set order using set resources and assessments for many years.

However, experienced trainers will know how to be flexible with the demands of students, time constraints and changing industry standards. But they still have to do a while lot of extra work so….


How to give your trainer a break

  • Don’t expect them to have all the answers
  • Don’t expect them to know the new certificate material inside out this early in the year – it is brand new to them too
  • They may be learning the new units week by week
  • They are probably prepping week-to-week or even day-to-day – often on their own time
  • Don’t expect your trainer to be like a high school teacher – trainers have only studied a Cert 4 level Certificate not a 3-year degree like teachers. This particularly applies to younger students who have are recent high school leavers. All you can do is change your attitude.  Realise you are an adult learner now you are not at school. You can’t change the trainer or the delivery or the material itself. Change yourself and write down your purpose of why are you want to be nurse.


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