Turning Pro - Become a Qualified Professional AIN Carer

26 Aug 2015 2:29 PMLicensee Person

Moving from being an elderly relative carer to a professional paid AIN/carer is a typical transition for many students. Learn more.

Turning Pro - how to move from being a elderly relative carer to a professional paid AIN/carer.

 It is a common transition for many students who have cared for an elderly relative to take on an Aged Care course to become a qualified AIN.

 But if you are still moving through the stages of grief it may be difficult to work around older people who are suffering similar to your relative who has passed.

 This brings up many fears for students and it important to talk about it in class.

 As with all placement experiences the classroom cannot prepare students for the reality . We can provide practical sessions that simulate different tasks and give many tips on how to handle the workplace but for many students the reality is a shock and can take a few shifts or more to get used to.

 One area that affects many students is when a resident passes. One facility had 5 pass in 3 weeks while students were there. Tears were shed and students supported each other and talked it over with their trainer and family too.

 If you are still grieving seek professional if it is affecting your placement, study or employment prospects.

 Recognize though that your fellow students, workers and trainer are not trained grief counselors.  You may need to attend counseling even before you start placement.

 Course enrolments are open now for locations from Brisbane to Gold Coast.

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